S Hill bridge

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S Hill covered bridge, was situated about 1 mile northwest of Universal, Vermillion County, Indiana.

It was built in 1879, using Burr Arch construction, by J. J. Daniels, has a span of 122 feet and crossed the Brouillettes Creek.

The S Hill Covered Bridge originally crossed Brouillettes Creek about 1 mile northwest of Universal. In 1994 the bridge was disassembled by Mr. Dan Shaw and stored at the Geneva Hills Golf Course, northwest of Clinton. Upon his death, Mr. Shaw left the bridge to Vermillion County for “reconstruction in Vermillion County only.” The bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994, but was removed in 1999, and is listed as #14-83-02 in the 1989 World Guide. After sitting exposed for several years in a park at St. Bernice, the timbers of this bridge are now stored in a barn at the Skinner Farm Museum near Perrysville. Mr. Skinner is trying to secure funding to reassemble the bridge on the museum grounds.
There has always been confusion about the name of this bridge. The S refers to the curves in the road approaching the bridge and does not stand for South. Thus it is the “S” Hill Covered Bridge.