Parke County

Parke County has thirty two covered bridges, and is situated in West Central Indiana. 
It is the self proclaimed Covered Bridge Capital of the World!
Two of the major Indiana covered bridge builders, Joseph J. Daniels and Joseph A. Britton, lived in the Rockville area. That would probably explain the proliferation of bridges in this county.

Bridge Name:  World Guide Number:
Big Rocky Fork 14-61-01
Conley’s Ford 14-61-02
Jeffries Ford 14-61-03
Bridgeton 14-61-04
Nevins 14-61-05
Thorpe Ford 14-61-07
Coxville 14-61-09
Harry Evans 14-61-10
Zacke Cox 14-61-11
Phillips 14-61-12
Mecca 14-61-13
Sim Smith 14-61-14
Catlin 14-61-15
McCallister 14-61-16
Crooks 14-61-17
Neet 14-61-18
Billie Creek 14-61-19
Mansfield 14-61-20
Portland Mills 14-61-21
Beeson 14-61-24
Leatherwood Station 14-61-25
Melcher 14-61-26
West Union 14-61-27
Jackson 14-61-28
Mill Creek 14-61-29
Rush Creek 14-61-31
Marshall 14-61-32
Bowsher Ford 14-61-33
Cox Ford 14-61-34
Wilkins Mill 14-61-35
Narrows 14-61-36
Sanatorium 14-61-38


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