Duck Creek Aqueduct bridge

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Duck Creek Aqueduct covered bridge, is situated at Metamora, Franklin County, Indiana.

It was built in 1846, using Burr Arch Truss construction, has a span of 71 feet, and carries the Whitewater Canal over Duck Creek.

This aqueduct replaced an earlier aqueduct which was built in 1843 and washed away by a flood in August, 1846. The current aqueduct was built at a cost of $8,000.

The reason that this aqueduct remained intact for so long after the canal was closed to traffic was that the canal continued to supply water to mills in Brookville and was kept up for their benefit. The canal continued to function for this purpose until the timber dam at Laurel failed in the late 1930’s and the canal lost it’s water supply. The dam was rebuilt in the late 1940’s in concrete but it’s use has been only for the historic park.