Longwood bridge

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Longwood covered bridge, is situated at Roberts Park, Connersville, Fayette County, Indiana.

It was built in 1884, using Burr Arch Truss construction, by Kennedy Brothers, has a span of 108 feet.

As the Longwood Covered bridge approached it’s 100th year, the condition of the span could only be considered dilapidated. It originally crossed Williams Creek on County Road 400 near Glenwood and was named for it’s proximity to the Longwood Station on the B&O Railroad. As the last remaining of at least 4 Kennedy built covered bridges in the county, it’s future seemed bleak. But in 1984, on it’s 100th anniversary, it was moved to Roberts Park in Connersville. Apparently, a high school building trades class was largely responsible for saving this landmark that was nearly lost.